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Puerto Rico is a brand composed of many small brands like yours and mine. What we have in common inside the Puerto Rican brand is a “Collective Spirit” and that is called “Espiritu Boricua”. More than five hundred years ago, our resilient Puerto Rican (Boricua) spirit was born out of the chance encounter between noble innocence of being and the relentless thirst for discovery. Forged ever since then by the fiery hearth of our passions, our Boricua Spirit continues to evolve. Shaped ever since then by the hurricane-force winds of time, our Boricua Spirit continues to endure.

Yes, we have come across hard times. Let us not forget, however, we are no strangers to such challenges. Time and time again in our history we have faced uncertainty and we have overcome. In the process, we have learned that hardship poses the best opportunity to adjust our attitude and refocus our energy. For the stronger the storm blows, the tighter our hands shall lash onto the helm. That’s our Boricua Spirit or “Espiritu Boricua”

We firmly believe our future has never looked brighter. Accordingly, we shall not give up on the wonderful possibilities of what our Puerto Rico may become. We will continue to dream for a better tomorrow because the lessons of our forefathers have taught us that, through honest hard work, dreams do come true. This is what our Boricua Spirit is all about.

Through our Espiritu Boricua movement, we are letting the world know about the new awakening of our Island and its endless potential. Before long, we will turn Puerto Rico into the definitive "Capital of the Caribbean", giving it more luster than it ever had. Why don’t you show us your Boricua Spirit and join the effort?

Like us on Facebook and share your Boricua Spirit experiences there, or on our expression wall in Old San Juan Set forth your ideas on how to improve our quality of life and raise our standards of living. This is where our new awakening starts!!!

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